Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes Tour Leader

I’ve lived in Bannockburn for nearly 20 years. I have a keen interest in Scottish history and a desire to give everyone a warm welcome to the area. I will be sure to entertain you with stories of King Robert the Bruce, The Good Sir James Douglas and the other main characters and the smallfolk who influenced and took part in the battle of Bannockburn. At Stirling Bridge, I shall also remember our other great champion, Andrew de Moray for the part he played in the North Rising and joining forces with Sir William Wallace to achieve a great victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

I walk Molly most days at the Bannockburn Battlefield and I’m amazed at the number of tourists who spend less than 10 minutes at the Battlefield or who have never heard of William Wallace’s greatest victory at Stirling Bridge. Participating in the annual commemorations to both battles, I realise the importance of remembering our past heroes to help keep their stories alive. Freedom tours are the perfect way for me to welcome visitors to Bannockburn and Stirling, tell the stories of events that shaped these battles and learn more about why so many people are passionate about Scotland.

In our spare time, Molly and I throw and catch tennis balls at Bannockburn Battlefield and ambush visitors to the area. When I say ambush, I mean Molly drops a ball at their feet and we welcome them, tell a few stories about the battle and thank them for taking the time to remember all those who fell here over 700 years ago. We also wander up to the Castle and welcome people to Stirling, find out where they come from, suggest a few places to eat/enjoy a nice coffee and thank them for visiting the City.

Molly Hughes

Molly Hughes Tour Guide

Molly, our Irish lab/collie rescue dog can usually be found leading at least one tour a day. A descendant of Edward Bruce from his time in Ireland shortly after the Battle of Bannockburn, Molly is happy to share her treats with other 4 legged friends. Walking Molly at Bannockburn  Battlefield was the inspiration behind Freedom Tour Today. It was clear that there was a need to give visitors to the area a warm welcome and to thank them for remembering our great heroes. Thank you.

Enjoy a unique sight-seeing experience of Bannockburn or Stirling