Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes Tour Leader

I’ve lived in Bannockburn for 20 years and have a keen interest in Scottish history. In particular the Wars of Independence. Everyday is a school day serving King Robert the Bruce and learning from all the people I have met on tours or who share my passion. Learning more about the Good Sir James Douglas, Isabella MacDuff and the other key characters and the small folk who influenced and took part in the Battle of Bannockburn has been a joy. At Stirling Bridge, we remember our other great champions William Wallace and Andrew De Moray. Wallace is famous all over the world. Not so well known is his Co-Commander Andrew De Moray and the part he played in the North Rising. Joining forces with Sir William Wallace they achieved a great victory at Stirling Bridge.

Most days, Molly and I walk at the Bannockburn Battlefield and I’m amazed at the number of tourists who only spend 10 minutes at the Battlefield or who have never heard of William Wallace’s greatest victory at Stirling Bridge (Spoiler Alert – it wasn’t in Braveheart). Molly and I take part in the annual commemorations to both battles in June and September. I and others know the importance of remembering our past heroes and the need to help keep their stories alive.

Freedom Tour Today is the perfect way for me to welcome visitors to Bannockburn and Stirling. I believe that everyone deserves a warm welcome to the area. I love recounting the stories of events that shaped these battles and learning more about why so many people are passionate about Scotland.

Apologies if the time slot you are looking for is not available. I am also a relief Residential Childcare Worker caring for our amazing care experienced young people. So sometimes I have to turn the tours off for work (or family time). If you have limited time available, get in touch and I’ll see if I can fit you in.
Thank you for visiting and safe passage onwards.

Molly Hughes

Molly Hughes Tour Guide

Forget the bald guy above. I’m the real inspiration surrounding Freedom Tour Today. Well me, King Robert, William Wallace and all the other heroes we discovered along the way. Heroes such as the Good Sir James Douglas, known as the Black Douglas to his enemies. Or the Co-Comander at Stirling Bridge, the gallant Andrew De Moray. My own personal favourite is the courageous Isabella MacDuff, the Countess of Buchan. Like Isabella, I have lived through adversity. I had a loving home, but my owner moved abroad and I ended up living on the streets of Ireland for three months. Thankfully the Dogs Trust rescued me and I ended up in Glasgow where I found my forever home. I love my Mum and Dad and my favourite place in the world is Bannockburn Battlefield. Most days Dad and me throw and catch tennis balls on the Battlefield. I think I must be a descendant of Edward Bruce from his time in Ireland shortly after the Battle of Bannockburn? I love leading the tours and I am happy to share my treats with other four-legged friends.
Thank you for coming to see us and for remembering our great heroes.
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Enjoy a unique sight-seeing experience of Bannockburn or Stirling