Where do I meet my tour guide and how will I identify them?

Bannockburn Battlefield Tour please meet our Guide next to the Medieval Garden outside the Bannockburn Battlefield Centre (FK7 0LJ). Braveheart (Stirling Bridge) Tour please meet at Laurencecroft Road on the south side of the old Stirling Bridge over the River Forth (FK8 1AQ). For all tours, please arrive at least 10 mins before your tour starts – 15 minutes before if you need to use the toilets. The tour guide will be wearing branded clothing so they are easily identified when customers arrive at the meeting point and during the tour.

How far do I need to be able to walk to take part?

There is no set level of fitness required to take part.  Each tour will be around 1 kilometre long and there will be regular stops for the tour guide to give information and to allow you to take photos.

What if I can’t keep up?

The tour will be at the pace of the slowest person on the tour, so no one will get left behind.  This is a fun walking tour so the emphasis is on enjoying the tour not walking at a fast pace.  Please do not worry, we will not leave you behind!

Are there toilets available along the route?

No, there are no toilets along the route. Please go to the toilet before the tour starts. There are toilet facilities available at or close to the meeting point at Bannockburn, but there are no toilet facilities at Stirling Bridge. Sainsbury’s Store is close by but will take 10 – 15 minutes to get there and back to the start of the tour. If you do require to use the toilet, please go before the tour starts.

Will there be opportunities to take photos?

Yes, there will be regular stops at points of interest along the route to allow you to take photos.  If you have made a group booking it is a good idea to have a designated photographer or two for the group so not everyone needs to carry a camera. Feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook at Freedom Tour Today.

Are the tours available throughout the year?

Yes, Freedom Tour Today operate all year round. Please check the availability planner to find out if there is a tour guide available on your chosen date.

Do I have to book the tour in advance?

Yes, all booking must be made through the online booking form. Tours automatically turn off 1 hr before the tour is planned to start. The 8 am tours turn off at 10pm the night before. If the tour slot is off and you are close by, you can always call or text to see if the tour is going ahead and if there are any spaces available.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

The further in advance you can book your tour the better, but tours can be booked up to 1 hr in advance of a tour starting. Tours automatically turn off 1 hr before the tour is planned to start. The 8 am tours turn off at 10pm the night before. If the tour slot is off and you are close by, you can always call or text to see if the tour is going ahead and if there are any spaces available.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult and they must be fairly well behaved. Under 5’s will be free. Anyone aged 6 – 15 must also be registered on the tour and be accompanied by an adult. Those aged 6 – 15 will pay the same as an adult.

Are dogs allowed on the tours?

Dogs are allowed on our tours. They must be kept on a lead and under control. We ask that you clean up after your dogs. If you wish to participate with a guide dog please let us know using the contact us form below.

How long before the tour starts should I arrive?

The tour will start on time so please arrive at least 10 minutes before the tour start time to make sure you are ready to go at the stated start time. 15 minutes before if you need to use the toilet.

If I am late and the tour I am booked on has started can I get a refund?

Tours start on time, if you are late and the tour has started you will not receive a refund. If you are less than 5 minutes late and can see the tour, please join in the tour and if the Tour Guide is available at the end, they will try and cover the parts that you missed.

What should I wear?

Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Will somebody be able carry anything for me?

Your tour guide will not be able to carry items for you.  Please only bring what you are willing and able to carry on the tour.

Can I leave belongings at the meeting point?

There is no storage area for you to leave belongings at the meeting point.

How long will the tour take?

The time taken to complete the tour depends on the pace of the group. Usually, it will take around 50 – 60 minutes (including stopping time) depending on the size of the group and the number of questions asked. If you would like to do a longer, or shorter tour you can book a bespoke tour and request a different tour length.

Will there be other people booked on the same tour as me?

There may be other people booked on the same tour as you.  Each tour will run with a maximum of 15 customers. If you would like to do a tour without other people you can book a bespoke tour to only include you or your group.

Are foreign language tours available?

Tours are usually all conducted in English but if you have a specific foreign language tour request get in touch and we’ll see if we can help out.

Are there any rest stops?

The tour is designed with designated stops throughout the route. This way, we make sure everyone stays together and gets to hear all the information along the route.

Will the tour be cancelled if the weather is bad?

The tour will only be cancelled in the case of extreme weather which may put participants safety at risk (gale force winds, flash floods, blizzards) and this decision will be made at the discretion of the tour guide. We will attempt to contact you using the information you provide when booking so bear this in mind when booking your tour.  We will attempt to book you on an alternative tour and if this is not possible you will receive a refund.

Can I reschedule my tour if my plans change?

Tour bookings are not exchangeable for a different time slot or refundable.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

If we need to cancel your tour (for example in extreme weather), your tour will be rescheduled to a time that is suitable for you, if this is not possible a full refund will be issued.  If you cannot attend the tour you have booked on, you will not get a refund, but you may be able to change your tour to a different time slot.

I accidentally left some of my belongings at the meeting point, can I get them back?

Please contact us and send us a detailed description of the items and we will investigate for you.

Are gift vouchers available?

Not at the moment, but you can book someone else on a tour.

Can I tip my tour guide?

Tips are not required, but you may tip your guide if you would like to. Tips will *generally be shared between the following charities (Feel free to donate direct):

1. The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund: www.eilidhbrown.co.uk
2. Start Up Stirling (Local Foodbank): https://startupstirling.org.uk
3. Who Cares? Scotland: https://www.whocaresscotland.org 
4. Guardians of Scotland Trust: www.guardians.scot/donate 

£1 from every tour booked will also be shared between the above charities. 

*From time to time some tips will be given to another good cause.


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